My 500+ Followers Lush Giveaway!



Let me be honest with you guys, I never thought that I would surpass 100 followers let alone 500+ followers this entire time I have been on Tumblr!

Even though my blog is a Multi-fandom blog, I am very glad that most of you guys stuck around. I know not a lot of people here talk to me at all beside the few friends I know in person, your guy’s likes and reblogs are enough for me.

To thank you, I am holding this Lush Giveaway! I know my blog is an Daft Punk, AFI and The GazettE blog and these prizes have nothing to do with them. Just trust me, these prizes are addictive and leaving you wanting more <3

Let’s begin this giveaway, shall we?

Your choice of one of these wonderful Lush Wrapped gifts:

  • Hello Gorgeous 


- Vanilla Dee-lite

- Rub Rub Rub

- Sakura Bath Bomb

- The Comforter

- Lemony Flutter

- Gorgeous

  • Bunty (Pink)


Butterball Bath Bomb

- Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

- The Comforter Bubble Bar

- Pink Bath Bomb

  • Relax…Take A Bath 


- Golden Slumber - RELAXBATH

- Dorothy Bath Bomb

- Dreamtime Bath Melt

  • Sweetie Pie 


- Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

- The Comforter Bubble Bar

- Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar

- Sunny Side Bubble Bar

- Rock Star Soap

- Sweetie Pie Shower Gel

There will be one winner for this giveaway and they can chose which Lush gift they would like to receive. If someone wins and they do not wish to have either of the Lush gifts, they can have a personal Lush Cocktail gift made by miss-cheif and I with the help by our lovely friends at Lush in San Francisco!


The rules:

  • This giveaway is only in the USA (Sorry! To any of my followers who are international just for this one giveaway promise!)
  • This is only for my followers - you must be following me. I’m not going to tell you to not unfollow me after the giveaway is over, because I am going to assume we are all responsible and mature enough we can make the right choices.

  • You must be comfortable with providing a shipping address to me after the conclusion of the giveaway, and if you are under 18 years of age you will need parental consent, or you can get in trouble.
  • You can like this post or you can reblog it however times you like, but please do not spam your followers. Also, giveaway blogs are not allowed.

Giveaway ends August 16th 2014

Good luck Everyone (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

*Had to change the date again do to personal issues, I’m sorry*


Honestly can’t wait for the 50 shades movie to normalize the manipulation of lower-level female employees. Can’t wait for the new wave of “consent is sexy” banners on the cover of cosmo. Can’t wait for teen girls to think that a controlling relationship is romantic. Can’t wait for sexualized violence to become increasingly mainstream. And most of all, I can’t wait for BDSM to be labeled a feminist revolution.


My cousin changed the password his Netflix account, now what am I supposed to watch.